Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick and Cheap Faux Mochas

In a previous post I wrote about Faux Mochas for camping. I write today for the everyday. The affordable tasty Java fix. To be truly honest these Faux Mochas Quick and Cheap are delicious and making this at home saves me about 4 bucks. The ingredients are simple.

It's a beautiful thing, no line to wait in and money stays in your pocket.

Quick and Cheap Faux Mochas

Trader Joe's 100% Columbian Instant Coffee ($3 to $4 at your Local Trader Joe's)
Packets of Nestle or Swiss Miss or whichever brand you prefer of Hot Chocolate (The Manufacturers are getting fancy these days I picked up Caramel Mocha and Dark Chocolate)
Hot Water or Hot Low Fat Milk
Low Fat Whipped Cream

In your coffee cup heat approxiamately 8 ounces water or Milk. Add hot chocolate packet and stir. Then add one tablespoon TJ's Instant Columbian Coffee. Stir again. Top with a little Whip cream if you would like and wha-la Faux Mocha.