Monday, February 2, 2015

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chex Marshmallow Treats

For the past couple years I have been trying to be gluten free. After many an appointment with doctors of western medicine, I was referred to a doctor of eastern medicine. My fertility Accupuncture doctor  told me that I was congested and I needed to cut out gluten and sugar from my diet. Sugar posed to be extremely difficult. But I thought to myself, sugar versus flour? Hmm, if you drop a tablespoon of flour in a small glass of water what will you get? Paste? Cloudy water? The flour never really dissolves. Sugar however, in a small glass of water will dissolve. Cutting out flour and gluten products was a no brainer.  Sugar for me however is a harder sell.  Cutting out flour and gluten was much easier. I started this blog originally inspired by my sister who is the creator and writer of and I will still post in this blog, however I have started another Just Me Trying To Be Gliten Free at

I will post most of my gluten free recipes in the new blog. Although most of my recipes on this blog could be made gluten free by substituting a GF flour for regular flour.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chex Marshmallow Treats

1/4 cup butter
One 10.5 bag mini marshmallows
1/4 cup crunchy or regular peanut butter
6 cups Chex cereal

In a large pan heat butter until melted. Swish butter around until all of the pan surface is coated with a little butter. Add mini marshmallows and cook on low until all marshmallows are melted ams smooth. Remove from heat and add the peanut butter. Stir peanut butter into marshmallow butter mix until the peanut butter is incorporated and white 'mallow mix turns light peanut buttery brown.

Slowly add cups of Chex cereal until all Chex squares are lightly covered in 'mallow mix.  Spray your casserole dish or aluminum pan with oil spray. Pour ' mallow covered cereal into prepared dish/pan. Spray a ziplock bag with oil and pat the cereal down with oiled side of bag to evenly s
Distribute the mix.

Allow to cool and cover dish/pan with foil or plastic wrap. Cut into squares when cooled and enjoy!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gluten Free Cranberry Vanilla Chex Marshmallow Cereal Bars

Eating Gluten free tends to be a bit of challenge sometimes. Like today. It's Super Bowl Sunday. We will be heading off in a bit to a party. Seeing as not all folks have medical conditions requiring a gluten free diet, and not all folks have jumped on the GF Bus... I BYOGF! Yes I do. I bring my own little GF foods, snacks and what have you to most gatherings. I try to never ever ever come to a get together empty handed. Below you will find a simple gluten free sweet that even gluten lovers will enjoy. The recipe can be tweaked many ways to make the perfect marshmallow cereal bar to your liking.

Gluten Free Cranberry Vanilla Marshmallow Cereal Bars

1/4 cup butter
1 jar marshmallow cream
2 cups mini marshmallow
6 cups vanilla Chex cereal or any flavor you like
1 cup dried cranberries or whichever dried fruit you prefer

On the stovetop I n a non stick pan, melt butter.  Coat the bottom of pan with your melted butter.  Scoop marshmallow cream into butter and stir. As it melts a bit add your mini marshmallows until all marshmallow products are "happy together" in a soft white syrupy sugary heaven.

Remove the melted saucy marshmallow mix from the heat and slowly stir in your cereal and cranberries. Pat the mixture in a greased casserole dish or half pan disposable aluminum pan.

Allow to cool, cut into squares and serve. They are simply amazing,,,