Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turkey Tricks

I made my first turkey when I was 19. It was good. So cooked and so tender, it fell right off the bones. As a receptionist, I learned many things, about people, customer service, life experience, and food. You can learn a lot in the Beauty Industry, especially while clients wait for their hairdresser or manicurist. That year I learned many Turkey Tricks that made my first Turkey amazing, even if it was not picture perfect.

Turkey Tricks

1. Brine it in a salt, herb and pumpkin ale mixture.

2. Mix butter and minced garlic together and place it under the skin of the turkey.

3. Bake it in one of those turkey bags.

4. Make sure you remove the bag of yucky stuff from the turkey.

5. Place a small apple and small onion in the cavity. It makes a super moist bird.

6. Make little slits in the the turkey and push garlic cloves into the little holes.

7. Inject the turkey with one of those fancy marinades.

8. Rub your turkey with a mix of herbs and spices.

9. Pour gingerale over your bird.

10. Kosher salt is amazing. Rub salt onto your bird.

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