Saturday, October 17, 2009

My List From Popper

Popper was Robby's Maternal Grandfather. What a guy! We think of him often and miss him dearly. He was one in a million. One of the most intelligent and wise men ever. He could have written the questions to at least 4 Trivial Pursuit games without having to do any research.

Memories of Popper often revolve around food. I found a special paper this week, on it a list, dictated to me by our beloved Popper from many years ago. The note paper has little angels on it and reads...

Some days, the only place to go is UP!
Until Heaven is ready, I'll just send a note.

This list has all of the things any good Italian Family would need in their refrigerator or home.

Bottles and Packages of things

Genoa Salami
Hot ham (has red pepper edges)
Proscuitini (has black pepper edges)
Sliced Provolone
Wedges of sharp cheese
Salamette (regular)
black olives
greek olives
breads and rolls
regular italian provolone
Pecorino (sheep) Parmesan Cheese (at least 3 pounds)

He also told me the best places to by these items.

Monte Carlo in Burbank on Magnolia
Romano's in the Valley

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love this post! so cool!