Monday, November 30, 2009

What To Do With Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Buns Leftover From Camping

Rob did the shopping for the Thanksgiving Weekend Camp Trip to California City. He always buys loads of hot dogs in many varieties and loads of Hot dog buns. We always come home with lots of hot dogs and lots of buns. So, below is a list of uses for such leftovers.

Uses for Hot Dogs

1. Chop hot dogs and make hot dog soup
2. Slice hot dogs and use in place of pepperoni on a pizza (Thanks, Mom!)
3. Fry sliced hot dogs or hot links and use as an appetizer served on a tray with mustard
4. Freeze them, for later use.
5. Using chopped hot dogs and hot dog buns make dressing! (Recipe to follow)

Uses for Hot Dog Buns

1. Make garlic cheese buns!
2. Use instead or hamburger buns for sloppy joes!
3. Use as the bread in bread pudding!
4. Chop and use to make croutons!
5. Use along with chopped hot dogs and make dressing!