Monday, May 26, 2008

Red, White and Blue Dessert

Patriotic. Yes! Appropriate for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, any day you feel PROUD to be an American! I love those pre-made graham cracker crusts. Can you tell? I also love cool whip and fresh fruit. My Gramma John used to make this really yummy creamy raspberry shortbread frozen dessert. I could not find the recipe but this concoction I made today reminded me of it. It was so quick and easy to make. I didn't even mess up the kitchen much. (:

Red, White and Blue Dessert

One pre-made graham cracker crust
8 oz 1/3 less fat Cream Cheese
1 8 oz tub Extra Creamy cool-whip
1/4 cup sugar
5-6 large strawberries cleaned and quartered (save 5 quarters for decoration)
15-20 blueberries (12 extra for decoration)
15-20 rasberries (8 extra for decoration)

In a mixing bowl, whip cream cheese until fluffy. Add sugar and mix. With a spatula scoop 2/3 of the Cool-Whip out of the container and mix until all three white ingredients are incorporated. Set the remaining 1/3 of the cool whip aside.

Add strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to white mixture. With the spatula, carefully mix berries into creamy mixture. Spoon Red, White and Blue mix into the pre-made pie crust.

Take a small zip loc bag. Cut a corner off the bag. Take an icing tip and fix it to your zip loc bag. Put remaining 1/3 of the Cool whip into bag and pipe the Cool whip around the side of dessert. Alternate the decorative berries... a blueberry and then rasberry around and fix it into the Cool whip. In the center of the dessert, take 5 of the strawberries and form a star. Take the remaining 4 blueberries and place them in the center of the star. Cover and place dessert in the freezer.

Pull from freezer 15 minutes prior to serving time. Cut slices and wait for the rave reviews. This dessert passed with flying colors from my Dad and my little sister said it did remind her of Gramma John's. Mission accomplished.

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