Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jamie's Trail Mix

In the search for healthy foods and snacks, I have been inspired by my friend Denise J., who makes her own Trail Mix. So while at Trader Joes last week, I visited the nut and dry fruit aisle. One of my favorite isles at my local Trader Joes. I grabbed a bag of this and a bag of that until I had enough nuts and dried fruits to fill a brown bag. I use nuts and dried berries in my other healthy baking too. So here goes, my Trail Mix. Feel free to design your own.

Trail Mix that Jamie Likes

2 cups Trader Joe's Half the Salt Almonds
1 cup Dried blueberries
1 cup Dried cranberries
1 cup Sunflower seeds
1 cup Dark chocolate chips
1 cup Cashews
1 cup Pepitas

Dump all of the above ingredients into a large bowl. Stir until mixed together. Using a 1/2 cup measuring device, scoop a 1/2 cup full into a snack size Ziploc bag. Zip it and put your baggies in the pantry for a quick snack for work, watching TV, surfing the web, etc. Enjoy.

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