Sunday, August 31, 2008

Produce A Plenty From Tom's Farm in Corona, California

I spent a week in Kansas with my sister and her family. What a wonderful week and I was lucky enough to meet my newest niece. She is the sweetest little bundle of girlness. Flew in Friday morning. I rushed straight back to work to spend two hours in traffic coming from LAX airport. Holiday weekend 1:30pm GRIDLOCK. Made it to work with like 10 seconds to spare. I worked until 9, came home packed again and left early Saturday morning to Glen Ivy's Hot Springs in Corona, California.

WOW. I needed the spa treatments and the R and R. I work really long days, sitting mostly and my body was gets really tweaked. Glen Ivy was great. I am still detoxing. On the way to the Hot Springs is this really great point of interest. Tom's Farm. My friend and I decided we would check it out Sunday before heading home. OMG. The produce in the market was amazing. I saw things I have only heard about. I wish I had my camera, because if I had it you would see pictures of the most amazing produce in California. Okra, rhubarb, fennel bulbs, ginger...

Tom's Farm has a market. I came home with a cart full of produce and other goodies.

With the red and black plums I will make a Pork Tenderloin with Plum Sauce.

With the peaches I will make a hot and crusty Peach Cobbler.

With the pickling cucumbers I will make Refrigerator pickles.

The grapes will be eaten and enjoyed.

The fresh green beans were turned into Dilled green beans tonight. YUM!

The yellow and white corn was boiled and served with butter and salt and pepper tonight. YUMMY!

The Roma Tomatoes will turn into bruschetta, and salsa, and a fantastic accompaniment to a sandwich.

SPONGE Candy. OH my my. This stuff is amazing. The first time I tasted it, it was in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Candyland Store. Tom's Farm's Candy store is amazing too!!!

They even had a huge selection of GLUTEN FREE products.

If you are ever in Corona, California you must visit. It is located at 23900 Temescal Canyon Rd. Their website is www.

I will post some of the recipes from the above mentioned items in the next couple of weeks.

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