Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Festive Spiked Punch

The holidays are around the corner. Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then... I won't rush it. Below are recipes for some fun spiked punch drinks.

Mulled Apple Cider

Jug of Apple Juice
Mulling Spice packet
Cinnamon Sticks
Captain Morgan rum

Pour Apple Juice and Mulling Spice into a pot and boil. Let set until it cools. Strain and pour into a pitcher and refrigerate. When ready to serve pour some Cider into a glass of ice and top off with some Captain. Swizzle and serve.

Cranberry Orange Punch

Jug of Cranberry Juice
Juice of an orange
Frozen Slices of an orange
Bacardi Orange Rum

In a punch bowl, pour Cranberry Juice into a punch bowl, squeeze juice from the orange into the Cranberry juice. Stir. Pour half the bottle of Bacardi O into the punch bowl. Stir again. Float frozen oranges on top of the punch. Serve punch in a glass with ice. Float a piece of orange slice on top as a garnish.

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