Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Tea

One of my friends, comes to her morning appointments with me, armed with a cup of Iced Sweet Tea. I never could understand why she picked Iced Sweet Tea instead of coffee. She makes gallons of her tea and has it daily.

She would speak of a restaurant that makes the best Iced Sweet Tea and Chicken sandwiches. When she flies home to North Carolina, her Daddy always has her Iced Sweet Tea and Chicken Sandwich waiting for her in the car. Never thinking I'd ever get to experience either, I kinda put that Dream Meal for my friend on the back burner.

Until May 2007, I made a trip to see my sister and her family is Kansas. I had asked my sister about this restaurant and she knew the name and shared that there was one minutes away. So we loaded up the kids, ran the errands, stopped at the library and then to the infamous restaurant. I ordered a Chicken Sandwich and LOVED it. My sister doesn't care for their food too much. I LOVED it. The Sandwich, the waffle cut fries fried in peanut oil. Just delicious. But in my haste, I forgot to order the Sweet Tea.

I visited Kansas again this past August. I made sure not to miss the tea. I ordered a chicken sandwich with fries and a large Iced Sweet Tea.

NO WONDER SHE LOVES THE STUFF AND DRINKS IT EVERY MORNING. It ROCKS. It is so amazing. The blend of tea they use is unbelievable. They sweeten it just the right amount. I bought a gallon. I heard their Hand squeezed Lemonade was amazing too. (My sister loves it) I bought a gallon of it too!

I have since dreamed about the tea. The tea in my sister's new neck of the woods, was not as good as the tea in Kansas. Maybe Kansas water tastes a little better. The tea was good. I found some Irish Breakfast at Trader Joe's the other day and I made some with that. The taste is very similar. So I have a placebo, until I visit my sister again.

Sweet Tea

a cup of hot water
one Irish Breakfast Black Tea bag
1-2 tsp simple sugar syrup
1 cup of ice

Put your tea bag int the hot water. Allow it to steep for a couple minutes. Stir in the sweetener. Pour over the glass of ice. Sit back and enjoy.

The restaurant has made it's way west! I am so happy. A few locations that require a bit of a drive. My sister has relocated back to California and luckily in her new neighborhood there is a Chick Fil-A!!! You must check it out as soon as you see one. Pull over, get in there and order yourself a yummy meal. Honest, it is that good!

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