Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mini Tornado Skewers

What is a Tornado? At a local meat market/restaurant you could pick up these savory chicken preparations called a Tornado. Sadly, the meat market/restaurant is gone. But, for the past few years since its closing I have been able to recreate the Tornados.

This is my rendition in smaller scale.

Mini Tornado Skewers
serves 4

4 skinless boneless chicken breast each cut into 4 pieces (16 chicken chunks)
Lawry's Garlic salt
Cajun Seasoning
8 slices of bacon cut in half
4 skewers

Sprinkle chicken chunks with garlic and Cajun seasoning. Take slice of bacon and wrap it around the chicken. Pierce with skewer so that bacon ends are fastened. Put 4 Tornados on each skewer. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

These can be frozen at this point for later use. Or you can bake them in a 350 degree F oven for 30-45 minutes. Check with a meat thermometer to make sure it is cooked properly. If bacon is not browned enough you can nuke each skewer for 30 seconds.

I serve these with rice and seasoned corn off the cob. See the post under sides for Herb Corn. Yummy

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