Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantastic Guacamole

I was not always a fan of avocado. Yep, sad but true. I have a bit of an allergy to the bumpy black skinned chloropyhl filled mass of deliciousness. Occasionally, my mouth swells when I eat it. Same goes for honeydew and kiwi fruit. It must be a verdant thing.

Anyway, as I have grown and matured in the ways of the taste buds..

I love Guacamole. I'd like to say I make it all by myself. Well, I cut the avocado and remove the seed and scrape the green goodness from the skin, but I use a mix. I do, use a mix. It is Fantastic! They sell it spicy and mild. I have tried both and LOVE both. The seasonings in the packet are amazing. The Guacamole is so good. When people eat it they go nuts and say it is the best.

So below is the not so secret ingredient for Fantastic Guacamole


Two large ripe avocados
One packet McCormick's Produce Partners Great Guacamole Spicy or Mild Seasoning Packet

Simply follow the directions on the back and enjoy.

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